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KOREBALL: 3-in-1 collapsible fitness ball design allows you to use it as a kettlebell, medicine ball and a free weight! The ultimate core based full-body fat burning collapsible fitness ball, challenging individuals of all strength and fitness levels. Take the KOREBALL anywhere you go: hotel room, office or keep at home.

KOREBALL: Transforming the future of fitness with the convenient features: multi functioning, weight adjustable, collapsible and portable.

You will not leave home without it.

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Customize your workouts with the Travel-KOREBALL, fillable up to 20 pounds or the all New PRO-KOREBALL with 5 pound solid steel handle, fillable up to 25 pounds. The key advantages of the KOREBALL will be the versatility and effectiveness while being cost effective with the 3-in-1 design. Workout for 10 minutes in the morning, try a tabata workout or HIIT High Intensity Interval Training workout. All of them will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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KOREBALL. Your on the go fitness solution

The innovative, patent pending KOREBALL design combines the familiar shape of the traditional kettlebell and a medicine ball. Safe and comfortable to use


KOREBALL was developed and manufactured with care

Rick developed the concept for the KOREBALL with the goal for it to become the ultimate piece of fitness equipment. He knew it needed to be effective full-body workout


KOREBALL is a collapsible, weight adjustable
workout system

Simple and effective, KOREBALL is your
on-the-go fitness solution and Comfortable dual handles make the KOREBALL
training fun and easy, anytime, anywhere

Enhance your fitness level today with the KOREBALL

Testimonial: All body workout with the KOREBALL