Squats, Lunges and KOREBALL-kettlebell swing

Squats, Lunges and KOREBALL-kettlebell swing

Squats, Lunges and KOREBALL-kettlebell swing

It is a good idea to work on squats before lunges, holding on if necessary to ensure that you keep your form. Flexibility and strength will improve with practice and consistency.

Start with bodyweight first and later add the KOREBALL for more resistants and challenge.When performing squats, unless you squat deep enough for your thighs to be parallel with the floor t the quads will perform the whole exercise without activating the glutes.

The same goes for lunges, the lunge must be deep enough so the thigh is parallel with the floor otherwise it just turns into a quad based exercise. The key information to take from this is we want to engage as many muscles as possible with each exercise we do.

KOREBALL kettlebell-swing

KOREBALL kettlebell-swing are so incredible for the glutes. With this exercise you do not have to sink down deep like in a squat or lunge.The answer lies in the muscle fibers of the buttocks. The (gluteus maximus) are predominantly fast twitch muscle fibers built for explosive power.Kettlebell swings should be performed with a snap of the hips…an explosive movement. If you perform the movement with a hip snap then you will activate your buttocks, if you swing with lazy soft hips and just rock backwards and forwards then you will use more of the quads and risk injuring your lower back.

The bonus to squats, lunges and KOREBALL-kettlebell swing? Your core is actively engaged the entire time.

By C.Farrow

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