Plateaued in Your Workout?

Plateaued in Your Workout?

Have you added cross training to your workout?

The term ‘plateau’ is used in training when an individual reaches a level in which they stop improving and their results taper off. This situation can be de-motivating and put you in a mindset that makes you feel like your workouts are useless. The reason why we reach our peak and plateau in results is purely because our body is conditioned to that type of training. Our bodies adapt to the physical activities we perform consistently. If we continuously do the same type of exercises our body will adjust to perform those exercises efficiently. Our body will eventually peak to perform these exercises with ease and they are no longer a physical challenge. This is the point when we hit the plateau. Check out this effective fitness tool

There are ways to push past this plateau, and cross training is one of them. Cross training breaks up the usual training routine that the body is conditioned to. You start to use muscles that you don’t normally use and the body starts adapting once again to the new exercises. If you lift weights consistently just changing up your routine exercises every couple of weeks is beneficial. Training with different exercises and equipment makes training more interesting.

Having a training journal can help keep track of improvements and measure areas of training that are stagnant. Having the journal also keeps motivation to improve and train harder. Recording weights, reps, and times of exercises are all areas that can be improved. Having goals while workout can keep you motivated to continue improving.

It is also important to let your body rest. Individuals who overtrain are susceptible to hitting a plateau in their training. Recovery is essential in building muscle. If your finding that you don’t have that power and speed when participating in a specific sport it could simply be that your muscles haven’t fully healed from the last session.

Diet can also play a big part in breaking that plateau. Remember to look at the nutritional value of everything you eat and drink. Try to avoid foods high in saturated fat and sugar. Eating healthy with sufficient protein will help your body grow and help repair muscle faster.

Last of all the most important tip for breaking the plateau is not giving up! Keep pushing yourself to become better. Think about how your body responds to the workout. The key is to always listen to your body. Most of all enjoy getting strong, fitter and lean…because you deserve to be at your best!

The KOREBALL is an excellent fitness product for home or travel. Some people might use a kettlebell or medicine ball. The KOREBALL is a safer and easier fitness tool to use plus it’s collapsible for travel.

40 lunges with bicep curl ( 2 sets of 20 each with KOREBALL bicep curl )

40 push-ups (2sets of 20 each on your feet or knees )

40 single leg dead-lifts ( 2 sets of 20 each holding the KOREBALL with both hands )

This is a full body workout that emphasizes on chest, lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and biceps. This circuit can easily be done at home and does  not require a lot of space.

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