KOREBALL. Your on the go fitness solution.

Get toned and stay fit with the power of the KOREBALL kettlebell, the collapsible and portable workout system.

Simple and effective, KOREBALL offers the ultimate core based, full-body fat-burning workout.

KOREBALL features water filled, leak proof, bladders that are weight adjustable for any workout. Comfortable dual handles make KOREBALL training fun and easy, anytime, anywhere.

There are hundreds of KOREBALL exercises and workout routines to benefit you.

Features & Benefits

KOREBALL’S unique patent pending design gives you these key benefits:

  • A fat burning cardiovascular workout.
  • Helps build lean muscles.
  • Engages core muscles, providing tone.
  • Increases body core stability, flexibility and balance.
  • Improves body coordination, stamina and mental focus.
  • Bladder can be filled with water or sand. Water the weight equals 11 pounds ands sand equals 20 pounds.
  • Comfortable dual handles offer a variety in routines.
  • Collapsible and compact for travel: easy to store away.

The innovative, patent pending KOREBALL design combines the familiar shape of the traditional kettlebell and a medicine ball. Safe and comfortable to use, the KOREBALL kettlebell system is for all fitness levels.

The portability of the KOREBALL kettlebell makes it a must have, providing you with access to your workouts while at home, at the office, on a business trip, camping or on vacation. The KOREBALL is collapsible, portable, water or sand fillable and compact. It can be separated and collapsed for travel or easy storage.

Learning to use the KOREBALL is easy. Today functional fitness is the modern way to exercise and create a lean, toned body.

KOREBALL exercises increase strength, lean muscle , cardiovascular, flexibility, balance , stamina and mobility like the kettlebell, but the KOREBALL offers safety with its innovative design.

Easy to learn, efficient workout routine, can use anywhere, fat burning and  body toning. The KOREBALL workout is a dynamic multi muscle routine. Functional fitness is the modern way to exercise and create a lean, tone body.

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