Effective Fitness Tool

Effective Fitness Tool

Effective Fitness Tool: KOREBALL

The  koreball is a breath of fresh air in an industry where so many fitness products look and function alike. Invented in Carmel, California by personal trainer/martial artist Rick Warren, the KOREBALL looks a little like a kettlebell or medicine ball with handles– with the advantage of being weight adjustable and collapsible.

While this product’s appearance is undoubtedly new to most, it is the versatilely application that will really win you over. First thing to do is fill up one or both of the bladders with water. Check out the free video’s on  KOREBALL YouTube and the website KOREBALL VIDEO page. Designed for upper-body and lower-body exercise, agility training, stretching, cardio, core work and more.

If you don’t have dumbbells, kettlebell or medicine ball at home or you want to try something different, you could take the KOREBALL, fill it with sand for a killer workout. Grab the KOREBALL for conditioning biceps and shoulders. However, my favorite way to use the KOREBALL is for full-body training of all kinds. That’s how this product really shines.

I haven’t found a better fitness tool for doing weighted cardio, cardio blast andHigh Intensity Interval Training. Unique feature of the KOREBALL is it collapses to a (pancake) weights 3 lb., so you can take the product wherever you go.

For lower-body exercise, the KOREBALL provides just the right leverage to help you zero in on leg, glute and hip muscles, using either both legs together or single leg work, such as the single leg dead lift.

The KOREBALL will soon became a staple piece of equipment in every home. Take 15-20 minutes in your day, pick 3 or 4 exercises, do 3 sets of 10-40 reps (depending on fitness level). Excellent way to start your day!

The way I see it, not knowing what to do with this unique fitness tool simply isn’t an excuse. There’s plenty of guidance. Once you master a few exercises with the KOREBALL you will see there are 1000’s of idea’s and best part of all is the concept of Fully Body CoreBased Workout that is effective and efficient on time!

I encourage you to give the KOREBALL a try today.


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