Cross-Training for athletes

Cross-Training for athletes

If you are not working with a KOREBALL at least twice per week, Then you need to start…

KOREBALL training is predominantly based on MOVEMENT, meaning the utilization of multiple muscle groups.

Working on different planes of movement to move the weight from one level to the next. With a solid core, comes solid movement. Your core is THE most important group of muscles in your body,

Most people are doing one dimensional workout programs.

To be at the top of your game cross training is essential. You need to be aerobically and anaerobically superior, Have great flexibility, tremendous core strength and an all over strong body.

Because the KOREBALL is unique in its size and weight and in its design, you can develop your leg strength, core stability, muscular endurance and improve your cardiovascular. Start using the KOREBALL for circuit training or interval training to improve your vitality, energy and everyday movement.

Here is a really good circuit to incorporate into your training regiment:

KOREBALL Overhead Press



Repeat 4-6 rounds

Push your boundaries and get addicted to your fitness…


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