2016 Top Workout Trends

2016 Top Workout Trends

Want to get fit without having to buy an expensive gym membership? Why not try KOREBALL training with intervals? The Workout Magazine lists interval training as one of the top workout trends for 2016. Without a doubt, interval training is an effective and time­ efficient workout. Intervals are periods of work phases followed by short rest segments that alternate throughout the workout. KOREBALL exercises are popular due to the fact that you don’t have to leave home or purchase an expensive gym membership. These type of workouts can be done practically anywhere. Variety is another key advantage of workouts that incorporate KOREBALL exercises The options are endless.

Top advantages of Interval KOREBALL training:

1. ONE purchase of the KOREBALL offers a variety of ways to exercise such as lunges, squats, push ups, planks and burpees to your workouts. Quality, value and convenient.

2. Great core workout​­: force you to use your stabilizer/core muscles during the exercise rather than seated gym machines that have back support, etc.

3. Using a KOREBALL for a full body squats exercise allows you to use many muscle groups at once such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. In contrast, the leg extension machine focuses on a specific muscle group such as the quads.

4. Variety​­ options are endless with a multitude of exercises to choose from such as plyometrics, push ups, planks, squats, lunges, tricep dips, sit ups, etc..

5. Location​­ these exercises can be done are almost anywhere with very little space required. Here’s a link below to one of POPSUGAR’s’ interval training workouts. This workout will burn loads of calories and boost your metabolism in only 10 minutes.

Interval training workout featured by POPSUGAR on YouTube

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